Perfection Made Possible with FINISHLINE

Making sure that you have the right system in place for your specific application requires complete understanding and careful consideration of a number of factors such as; part size, profile, material, desired finish quality, and part thickness to name a few.

At Mid Atlantic Global, thanks to decades of experience working with a wide variety of manufacturers and fabricators, we know FINISHLINE is one of the leading machines and offers the best technology for just about any application.

The right deburring equipment can eliminate time-consuming hand grinding of parts, it can add different finishes, and it can make sure parts fit up quickly and accurately during welding or final assembly. When taken together, these factors mean higher quality throughput and more efficient workflows that will save your business time and money.

Feature Highlight Video – Automated Part Thickness

One of the many advanced features of FINISHLINE is the “Automatic Part Thickness Measuring”.  When accuracy and attention to detail is paramount this features allows any business or operator to dial in the correct measurements for accurate, repeatable results. Watch this short video to see for yourself and contact us today to learn more or request a sample part run with your very own parts.