4 Ways Flexible Deburring Brushes Make a Difference

Finishline is a great finishing and deburring machine due to the flexibility of its finishing brushes and brush heads. 

  1. Time Saver. The Rollon tray and quick release adapters give this metal finishing machine a reputation for flexibility and ease of use saving a tremendous amount of time.
  2. Accessibility. When it’s time to swap out the brush heads, operators can easily pull out the entire tray and access each and every brush or disk.
  3. Process Changes. With the quick release feature, it’s as easy as making sure the brushes remain stationary and a quarter turn to release the brush. 
  4. Versatile applications. Additional flexibility can be found in the media that is available for Finishline machines. Some selections that exist are brown brushes for general steel, green for stainless steel, brushes for oxide removal and even the removal of heavy dross with deslagging cleats. 

Watch this short video to see for yourself and contact us today to learn more or request a sample part run with your very own parts.