Semi-Automatic Completely Hydraulic Band Saw


  • Patented hydraulic system for a fine regulation of bow feed and cutting pressure. 

  • 8.6″ Cutting 

  • Integrated front display for: rapid setting of frame position,
    cutting speed regulation, piece counter.

  • Always straight cut: Auto-regulation of blade-stress based on material hardness and section. 

  • Longer blade life: Slows down the bow descent without straining the blade when worn out. 

  • Easy to use: Practical, simple and ergonomic operations.


  • Air/oil lubrication system 3lt. 2 elements
  • Digital angle display
  • Laser-line for positioning
  • Hydraulic device for vertical clamping of bars (1 Piece)
  •  Working LED light
  • Thickness for cutting at 90°

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