Automated Part Finishing with FINISHLINE. Intuitive. Powerful. Confident.

Facing too many choices in selecting a finishing and deburring machine? Fear not! For metal fabricators, understanding a few key differentiators will make all the difference. Take FINISHLINE’s Touchscreen control for example. It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering making a purchase, but something seemingly small can make a big difference when it is powerful and easy to use.

Intuitive Touchscreen Control

FINISHLINE automated deburring, edge rounding and finishing machines offer an extremely powerful and intuitive touchscreen control panel for ease of operation and total flexibility. With a large 7.5” screen, operators can easily identify, activate and independently adjust each of the working units. Abrasive belts, top brushes and conveyor belt settings easily adjust for optimal performance with the touch of a finger.

Adjustable Speed & Height

Confidence of control can be instantaneously achieved as a result of easily recognizable icons which represent each of the adjustable machine features. As different types of metal require unique considerations, and various applications such as deburring, edge rounding, oxide removal, deslagging and finishing the machine can be easily adjusted to fit operator needs.

FINISHLINE’s variable machine controls can be precisely set and permanently stored in order to consistently achieve desired results.  Whether it’s changing the speed of the belt, the spin rate of the brushes, or the roller pressure, a variety of finish qualities can be achieved.  To see how your part would look processed on the FINISHLINE contact us today.

Automatic Part Thickness

FINISHLINE touch screen control panels also offers machine operators the ability to automatically and accurately measure part thickness with one touch. As a result, instant and accurate machine setup is achieved each and every time.

Increase Throughput with FINISHLINE

Faster machine setup, enhanced flexibility, improved product quality and repeatability are a touch away with FINISHLINE.

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